With Canada's only micrographic surgery fellowship training program accredited by the American governing body, the Dermatologic Surgery Clinic is part of the Centre's innovative surgical training program. In addition to micrographic surgery for skin cancers, the clinic is a referral centre for other dermatologic surgery procedures.

All of the more complex surgical procedures at the Skin Care Centre are performed in the Dermatologic Surgery, including hair transplants, liposuction, advanced cancer surgeries, unusual nail disorders, nail biopsies, and more.

Skin Care Surgery Centre Mission Statement:
  1. To provide excellence and leadership in patient care.
  2. To encourage and facilitate continuous learning and scientific inquiry through the promotion of teaching and clinical research.
  3. To support the personal and professional development of staff by creating a word environment which allows open communication and trust.
  4. To maintain a surgical facility, which is clean, safe, and provides state of the art care.