Founded in 1986, the Hair Transplant Centre is the largest hair transplant clinic in Western Canada and staffed by Board Certified Dermatologic Surgeons with special interests in the areas of hair loss and transplantation. A Clinical team comprised of exceptionally skilled and experienced Registered Nurses and Technicians assists the surgeons.

We have proudly championed new techniques, worked closely with the Clinical Trials Division to assess hair loss solutions and, and with our association to The University of British Columbia we guide research about hair loss disorders. We specialize in the process of natural hair restoration and pride ourselves on the results we have provided to thousands of patients.

Since the first hair transplant in 1959, transplantation techniques-and therefore the end results have come a long way. The "doll's head" look of earlier hair transplant surgeries is a thing of the past. Today, with the introduction of mini and micro-grafting techniques, a natural and almost undetectable new hairline is readily achieved.

Teaching, learning and research are a very important part of our Centre’s mandate. To meet this goal, our physicians and staff who are part of University of British Columbia Dermatology train Residents and Fellows; as well as teaching at various medical centers and conferences. Ongoing research on Hair and Hair Loss Disorders is an important part of our program.

The Centre’s Customer Service manager, Linda Miles, is available to facilitate the process of obtaining information and service.

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