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The Skin Care Centre:
General Information Brochure (609KB)
Laser and Light Hair Removal (439KB)
Psoriasis & Phototherapy Clinic (128KB)
The Hair Transplant Centre:
Natural Hair Restoration (457KB)
Patient Guides
The Skin Care Centre:
Laser Hair Removal Pre-treatment Information (548KB)
Laser Hair Removal Post-treatment Information (321KB)
The Skin Care Centre Hair Clinic:
DPCP Patient Information (107KB)
Alopecia Areata Information (418KB)
Lions Laser Skin Centre Patient's Guides:
Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment of Vascular Lesions (2.2MB)
Ruby Laser Treatment of Tattoos & Benign Pigmented Lesions (569KB)
Versa Pulse 532 Vascular Laser (484KB)
Versa Pulse Q Switched Lasers (554KB)
Procedures - Frequently Asked Questions:
Artecoll Frequently Asked Questions (41KB)
Botox Frequently Asked Questions (39KB)
Chemical Peels Frequently Asked Questions 39(KB)
CO2 Laser Resurfacing Frequently Asked Questions (41KB)
Laser for Blood Vessels Frequently Asked Questions (38KB)
Laser or Pigmented Lesions Frequently Asked Questions (39KB)
Other Fillers Frequently Asked Questions (38KB)
Sclerotherapy Frequently Asked Questions (38KB)
BC Cancer Agency:
Cancer Prevention Facts (1.35MB)
Canadian Dermatological Association:
A Guide to Skin Cancer Self-Examination (478KB)
Spot Check: Moles and Skin Cancers (155KB)
Doctor Specific
Dr. David M. Zloty:
Botox (1.43MB)
Facial Rejuvenation (1.32MB)
Hair Transplantation (1.49MB)
Liposuction (1.51MB)

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